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Good clocks are easy to get, priced right, guaranteed, and keep you on time 24-7-365.

GREAT clocks do more than just Tic Toc. See what we mean!



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When time is money why shop the malls when you can find all the clocks you need right here.

We have a wide variety of radio controlled atomic clocks that eliminate the need to set a clock or to remember daylight savings time changes. You can literally set the wall clock once and forget it (OK except for a battery every couple of years). Many of the desk clocks and alarm clocks we carry also have this feature. There are also heavy duty industrial style and outdoor clocks that feature calendars and protected setting features. We have great digital clocks for both wall and desk and we also have a decent selection of quartz clock movements.

We carry clocks that are waterproof or water resistant for use with the boat, spa, or other wet locations. How about a 24 hour clock - great for shop applications. We have recently added inexpensive grandfather clocks that are a GREAT value. Not Herman Miller, but how nice and a really good price! Did I mention that there is NO SHIPPING COST for these grandfather clocks? We also have a couple of cuckoo clocks with a lot of neat automatic features to make them extremely interesting conversation pieces.

Last, but not least, we have several designer styles ranging from unobtrusive 7" dials up to large decorator clocks that are 36" in diameter - talk about a neat focal point for the room!

Come back often as we continue to research and add more styles of clocks to our offerings. Also please check out our links and resource pages - learn a little bit about clock types and history! Have fun! 

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